Athletes affected by stomach virus at official hotel

Rufina Vignone
Agosto 9, 2017

"There has formal communication from the IAAF at all".

Kirnon added that it was crucial those affected were kept away from presently healthy individuals.

Two-time world javelin silver medallist Steve Backley spoke on Tuesday morning of the precautions athletes needed to take as a matter of course. Should Makwala recover he should be able to run in his best event, the 400, but naturally, the safety of the athletes has to come first.

With organisers seemingly sticking to that timeframe, Makwala was filmed being denied entry to London Stadium by officials on Tuesday.

He said: "I asked myself 'what if I was a Great British guy, would they not allow me to run?'"

Some athletes have questioned the decision.

Makwala said he was "ready to run" and showed up at the stadium only for officials to block his path. "But nobody stopped us racing or tested us".

Siame said: "I have been preparing for this for so long". We've seen through nearly every event, this competition is very unpredictable, but I know I've got the ability. "On Monday I saw him just before the 200m heats and the only thing I could think of was wrapping my arms around him and saying get well soon because I wouldn't wish that on anyone". I wish I could give him my medal to be honest.

The IAAF said Makwala's absence was "a sad case" but it is insistent it has communicated with the Botswana delegation each step of the way.

According to BBC's Dan Roan, 30 athletes and staff have been afflicted so far.

It is based on a rule, which says the IAAF doctor, "shall have ultimate authority on all medical matters".

Per BBC Sport, IAAF spokeswoman Jackie Brock-Doyle said health and safety protocols had been followed after the outbreak at the Tower Hotel.

Who else has been affected?

A floor at the Guoman Tower Hotel - which housed the Irish and Botswanan teams - had been quarantined, while an IAAF letter circulated to team management insisted any athletes who contracted the illness were to remain quarantined for 48 hours.

The team from Ireland confirmed that 400 hurdler Thomas Barr had been stricken, as had German triple jumper Neele Eckhardt.

"We have worked collaboratively with the EHO (Environmental Health Officer) and IAAF to investigate the origins of the illness and can confirm that the hotel was not the source".

"He'd taken a history, examined him, pulse, respiratory and taken a history and the history is very clear from this gentlemen that he'd had very similar symptoms to all the other athletes that have also been classed as having this gastroenteritis disease". If you collapse you are okay but if you vomit you aren't okay? There is a lot of inconsistency here.

"And now he has been pulled out of both these races".

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