Intel's acquisition of Mobileye is officially complete

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 8, 2017

After purchasing 84% of Mobileye's outstanding ordinary shares, the merger between Intel and the breakthrough Israeli autonomous driving company was completed. Intel's Autonomous Driving Group will be merged with Mobileye.

Israel-based Mobileye is the world's largest supplier of systems used in automotive collision detection systems and is working with Intel, vehicle companies and auto parts suppliers to develop autonomous driving systems.

"Leading in autonomous driving technology requires a combination of innovative proprietary software products and versatile open-system hardware platforms that enable customers and partners to customize solutions", said Shashua. Amnon Shashua. "For the first time, the auto industry has a single partner with deep expertise and a cultural legacy in both areas".

Mobileye has informed the New York Stock Exchange that it would de-list its share, in an attempt to convince investor holdouts to tender their remaining shares. This could be extended by five business days or more to maximize the number of minority shareholders who accept the offer.

The $15.3 billion acquisition, announced in March, aims to launch Intel into a top position among automotive suppliers, as Mobileye is the world's largest provider of systems used in automotive collision detection technologies.

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