China asks US, North and South Koreas to exercise restraint

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 7, 2017

"For China as a neighbor of both North Korea and South Korea, we of course hope the North and South can improve relations". Concern has mounted that North Korea is developing its missile technology more quickly than expected, after tests last month of missiles that experts said are capable of striking the USA mainland, perhaps as far inland as Chicago. But will they make a difference?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson acknowledged the problem of enforcement on Monday, telling reporters that the USA would be "monitoring that carefully and certainly having conversations with any and all that we see who may not be fully embracing not just the spirit of those sanctions but the operational execution of those sanctions".

The U.S. also warned it planned to rigorously monitor China's compliance with the new penalties. That includes China and Russian Federation, who are traditionally more aligned with North Korea and have argued that sanctions aren't going to solve the main problem of North Korea's nuclearization.

In the meantime, the push to isolate North Korea continues, including in Manila.

North Korea warned in a statement that it is ready to use any ultimate means if the US does not give up its moves to stifle Pyongyang, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration has been frustrated that China has not done more to rein in North Korea and Washington has threatened to impose new sanctions on Chinese firms doing business with Pyongyang. North Korea does not really have diplomatic ties with any other country barring China and these strong sanctions can put huge pressure on the communist state. Why would it work this time?

Arms experts say that North Korea's latest intercontinental missile test showed that Pyongyang might be able to strike much of the USA mainland. He called Pyongyang's weapons program "a precious asset" that can not be reversed or replaced, according to the agency.

With Lavrov, Kang lauded the resolution as a "landmark feat" in making concerted efforts to respond to the North's nuclear program, requesting Moscow to play a "constructive role". However, at a time when the US is studying counter measures against North Korea whose IBCM are believed to have developed to reach the American heartland as far as Chicago, his bill is not expected to gain any traction in the congress.

The new sanctions were drafted by the consultation with China and passed unanimously at the United Nations on Saturday. It banned new joint ventures or cooperative entities with North Korean entities or individuals as well as additional investments in existing joint ventures.

HU: (Laughter) This sounds extreme, but it is actually rather par for the course, if not tame, for North Korean state media threats. This ensures that the economy does not get a way ahead in North Korea.

China is the North's economic lifeline.

In light of North Korea's advancing missile program what should President Trump and his current leadership do?

"This kind of moral equivalency that's implied by the freeze for freeze, which is between the North Koreans shooting off missiles that are prohibited and our reasonably defensive exercises that we undertake in our alliance with the South Koreans to protect them from these launches, is not a reasonable kind of a trade", Thornton said. Kang is thanking the US for consulting with South Korea on the sanctions.

Kang said that Ri had responded that "the proposals have no sincerity" in light of South Korea's support for worldwide sanctions and the U.S.

SMITH: NPR's Elise Hu talking to us from Seoul, South Korea.

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