Proposed health care solutions are disastrous

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 6, 2017

This is no different; everyone needs health care at some point.

Over the last six months, Wisconsinites have faced far too much uncertainty when it comes to their health care.

But he also stressed that this should be done right. Despite obstacles in passing health care reform legislation, he said, "we continue to be optimistic".

He has frequently emphasized that any changes to the current health law should provide care to those in most need, extend Hyde Amendment protections - barring federal funds from being used to pay for abortions - and protect conscience rights.

The Senate's inability to reach consensus on an ACA replacement bill clearly demonstrates the complexities and intricacies of health care in this country, and underscores the fact that sustainable solutions to transform our nation's health care system can not be easily or quickly achieved.

During summer votes on this issue, Bishop Dewane repeated that Congress must address "moral deficiencies and challenges with long-term sustainability" in the Affordable Care Act. Otherwise, millions of low-income people with serious medical problems will be harmed and might even die. However, in a last-ditch effort they finally did pass a health care bill and sent it to the Senate.

However, some fixes need to be made to improve the Affordable Care Act, which is why I have introduced a plan to improve health care for Wisconsin.

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