Netanyahu ex-aide to testify against him in bribery cases

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 6, 2017

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played down his former aide's decision to become a state witness against him in two graft cases. Mandelblit's home has been the locus for protesters demanding that he act more aggressively in moving along the alleged corruption cases involving Netanyahu, and developing indictments.

According to local media, Netanyahu is suspected of receiving bribes from Israeli-American Hollywood billionaire Arnon Milchan, and offering commercial favours to a newspaper publisher in return for positive coverage. "The die is cast, we must bring together all the protests that are going on throughout the country into one huge venue and say clearly that a prime minister who is under criminal investigation must go home", said Labor MK Yoel Hasson. "They know full well that Netanyahu will continue to win at the ballox box and therefore they are trying to replace the Likud government by means of investigations", he said. This information will most likely be critical in the Netanyahu-Mozes Affair investigation.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked told Channel 2 that "if we arrive at a situation in which an indictment is served, the coalition parties will sit down and consider what to do". The gag order forbids reporting of any negotiations between Harow and police and prosecutors.

On the other side of the street, protesters calling for Netanyahu to resign demanded that the prime minister be removed from office. Harow reportedly gave police details on the understandings reached between Netanyahu and Mozes, strengthening the police case beyond recordings discovered on Harow's computer of their meetings in late 2014 and early 2015.

Police have been investigating Netanyahu for months in connection with two cases - known as Cases 1000 and 2000 - and he has been questioned on several occasions.

Netanyahu has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and calls the accusations a witch hunt.

In a post on his official page, the Israeli PM dismissed the move as "background noises".

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