Hurt In Crash Of Small Plane Along East Texas Highway

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 6, 2017

A small plane crashed on an east Texas highway and it was captured on dash cam video.

Leave it to dashcams to capture insane moments - whether it's a woman being ran over or an impatient driver crashing into a barricade, dashcams are always around.

A preliminary investigation states that the plane was flying low over the highway when it suddenly turned around and took a nosedive.

An official with East Texas Medical Center in Tyler says one man was treated and released, while the other was in serious condition Wednesday in the intensive care unit.

It is unclear what caused the plane to go down. The crash happened near Bullard shortly after the plane had refueled at a regional airport.

An FAA official identified the plane as a Cessna 150F.

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