Uttar Pradesh Congress : Easy loans from 'state bank of tomato'

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 5, 2017

Pricey tomatoes spurred a fresh round of protests by Congress workers on Friday, who parked a cart full of tomatoes in front of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly and sold the kitchen staple at Rs 10 per kg. The move comes a day after the launch of "State Bank of Tomato" by the Congress against the soar in the prices of the vegetable. The price of tomatoes has risen to more than Rs 100 a kg in several cities because of a supply shortage in wholesale markets.

"Finally, the acche din for the tomatoes and cows have come, now let us see when do they come in the lives of the common man", the Congress leader said.

"It's ironical that the government has not taken any initiative to open subsidised counters for selling tomatoes or to check its price", Mr. Tiwari said. The bank offers attractive schemes like 5 times return within six months on tomatoes deposited, lockers for tomatoes, 80 per cent loans on tomatoes, attractive interest rates for depositing tomatoes etc. "The idea is not just to lodge protest but also to create awareness among the people about the soaring price of the vegetable", he said.

In recent weeks, the prices of tomatoes have increased tremendously owing to crop damage in producing states.

Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Odisha are the major tomato growing States.

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