One cub of giant panda Huan Huan's twins died: French zoo

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 5, 2017

The zoo noted that the mother, named Huan Huan, had immediately left the weaker cub to concentrate on its twin brother.

It was the country's first-ever live panda birth - an extraordinarily rare occasion due to the difficulty in breeding pandas - and panda birthing specialists from China were on hand to help with the birth.

SAINT-AIGNAN, France- Huan Huan, the female panda on loan to France from China, has delivered twin cubs on Friday night, but one cub died shortly after its birth, according to the French zoo. They are on loan from China for 10 years.

"It was too weak to survive".

"The Chinese experts, who have experience of this, saw it straight away", he added.

"Our veterinary teams did everything they could to save it, but it was too small, too weak".

The second twin weighed 142.4gm and was in "perfect health", AFP news agency reported. Zoo staff then put the cub in an incubator but failed to keep it breathing.

That allowed the Chinese carers to weigh it and wash it and supplement the mother's feeding with milk from a bottle.

However, China's first lady Peng Liyuan will choose the baby panda's name.

"I hope that the baby panda grows in the best conditions". In the meantime, visitors can watch a film of the pandas on giant screens. The first panda cub was born at 10:18 p.m. local time (2018 GMT), and the other came 14 minutes later.

Huan Huan and her male partner Yuan Zi arrived in central France's Beauval Zoo in January 2012. Females are only fertile for around two days per year.

Huan Huan (meaning "happy") and Yuan Zi ("chubby") are the only giant pandas living in France. But they did not mate, which made the zoo opt for an artificial insemination.

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