Ex-PM Nawaz returns to Islamabad amid cheers, applause

Rufina Vignone
Agosto 5, 2017

A federal minister said that the decision to "retain" Shehbaz in Punjab had been finalised and just a mere "official" announcement is left from the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) about withdrawing Shehbaz from the National Assembly NA-120 race. Subsequently, CM Sharif had reportedly pitched his son, MNA Hamza Shahbaz, as his possible replacement in Punjab.But Nawaz Sharif is not willing to allow Hamza rule Punjab while his father Shehbaz at the centre.

Carrying party flags and chanting slogans in the favour of the former PM, a large number of the party workers surrounded the motorcade of Nawaz Sharif, who came out of his vehicle waiving hands to acknowledge cheers of his supporters. "However, the party leadership will have to hold another parliamentary party meeting if it thinks it needs to revisit its earlier decision of endorsing Shahbaz for prime minister", Punjab government's spokesperson Malik Ahmad told Dawn. "As of today, we are being told that Punjab is very important to the PML-N and it needs Shahbaz desperately.to continue his vigorous policies.the final decision of his elevation to the Centre will be taken in a few days", the party leader adds. Khan, however, denied any differences in the Sharif brothers saying the crisis had even further united them and Shahbaz would follow his elder brother's instructions.

Reports of Nisar's misgivings with other PML-N leaders had emerged last month, following which he had announced he would hold a press conference to clear the air.

This is Nawaz Sharif's first visit to Islamabad after being disqualified by the Supreme Court in the corruption case of Panama Papers against his family.

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