Evacuations Remain in Effect After Pennsylvania Freight Train Derailment

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 5, 2017

Officials say the derailed freight train cars that have been ablaze for almost a day and half in a small Pennsylvania town will burn themselves out overnight.

Television station WJAC reports that while CSX said Friday morning the main fires were out as of 8 a.m., smaller sulfur fires continue to burn.

CSX says it's unclear when residents will be able to return to their homes in Hyndman, Penn., about 100 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. CSX hazardous-material experts are working alongside firefighters to assess the scope of the damage, develop a plan to contain the leaks and set up environmental protective measures and monitoring, the company said. The train involved was traveling from Chicago to Selkirk, N.Y., with 128 rail cars carrying mixed freight, construction materials, paper and wood pulp, said CSX. There were also 50 empty rail cars on the train. Overnight, a total of 17 rail cars were either re-railed and prepared to be removed from the site, or cleared from the site and repositioned to safe locations for removal later. The fire department evacuated everyone within about a mile of the derailment site and directed them to two community outreach centers for help with lodging and food.

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