Check Out Sonic Mania's Special Stages, Bonus Stages & Time Attack Mode

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 5, 2017

Following SEGA's San Diego Comic-Con announcement that Special Stages will be a feature in Sonic Mania, the team have now revealed that Bonus Stages ("Blue Spheres") and Time Attack have also been included in the game.

Then there's the return of the "Blue Spheres" Bonus Stages, where you have to run through a series of blue spheres to clear the stage, but avoid crossing your former path, as those spheres turn red once touched and will end the stage if touched again. Those familiar with Sonic 3 will notice similarities. The latest tease comes in the form of a new trailer, which gives us a look at two different special stages that will be found within Sonic Mania's various levels. Silver Medallions are awarded to players who complete the Bonus Stage, while collecting all the blue spheres and rings awards players with a flawless score and a Gold Medallion.

Last but not least, Time Attack mode lets you race through the game at top speed, setting a time against the game's global leaderboard.

The basic aim of these special stages is to collect the balls and increase your speed, with your ultimate objective being to catch the constantly fleeing UFO. Blue spheres can be collected along the way that will add to the player's speed meter. The player will move a lot faster, but should take care not to fall off the stage.

Sonic Mania's Time Attack can be achieved by hitting a specific box with one of your blue rings.

Sonic Mania will be available August 15th for the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. Sonic Forces is a 3D and 2D platformer now slated for release later this year.

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