Channing Tatum Wants Women To Feel Worshipped At Magic Mike Live

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 5, 2017

"I'm absolutely going to at some point", he said when asked whether or not he'd show up to recreate his "Pony" moves. One of the only ways Magic Mike Live could get better is if it lasted longer, and what do you know?

The Magic Mike Live interactive experience has been packed with fans night after night, and Tatum believes the key to its success is the way the show is specifically created to make women feel good.

Speaking to People on the red carpet for the premiere of the Amazon series Comrade Detective-a lot, I know-he said that the show's vast success is because it's made for women.

"We just kind of did something that we thought was important, which was actually make it for women, and not for women to come and worship men", Tatum recently told People following the extension of Magic Mike Live. "Let's actually have a conversation about sex - about just humor, about really talking and connecting on what we are getting, or what we are getting and what we're not getting". Tatum's intent with the Vegas show isn't to make women feel gross, I guess-it's more about having a "conversation" about sex and also breaking down any pre-existing taboos about that conversation. It doesn't have to be. "It can be dirty if you want it to be dirty, or it can be just like a good time fun where you don't feel like you need a shower afterward".

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