Central New York Heartbeat Poll: White House Staff Conundrum

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 5, 2017

It's a criticism that ignores the far more pressing need of Trump's White House: for the chaos to end.

Speculation had long swirled that Priebus's future in the White House was uncertain.

Whether they will be able to overcome his doubts about sending around 4,000 more US troops to Afghanistan is unclear. On more than one occasion, staff provided the president with online articles that were not true. "I understand the attitude of the military types that if they can control all information flow they can control the president".

Then the president hired Anthony Scaramucci to shake up the communications team.

Sean Spicer (Press Secretary) - quit before he was sacked. Moreover, followers are likely to be loyal to leaders who have their backs, and won't not throw them "under the boss" if they make minor mistakes.

But Scaramucci overstepped his bounds with a ridiculous tirade to a reporter. Priebus played a central role in President Trump's election, but his inability to silence critics forced the shift to Kelly, a loyalist. His colossal communications blunder of calling a New Yorker writer and pressing him to reveal the source of a damning story was a professional no-no and an immediate red flag. Nor is he a party man loyally serving a president to benefit his party.

Kelly, 67, is a retired Marine Corps general whose brief tenure at Homeland Security was marked by moves to strengthen immigration enforcement. Rethmeier said that what stood out about Kelly during the time they worked together was the way Kelly commanded respect from everyone he encountered - and the way he respected others. He can instill fear and impose discipline.

Trump's friends said there is value to letting Trump be Trump, particularly since Priebus' attempt to shape Trump into a more traditional president failed spectacularly.

No one should kid himself.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, the top Republican on the Senate's Judiciary Committee, explicitly told Trump that his committee would not schedule hearings on a new attorney general this year if he cans Sessions - so he may as well forget about it. He is not going to give up old habits or bad habits. Many think a 30-year D.C. resume should be a disqualifier, and to contrast, point to General Kelly's labeling congressional domestic politics a cesspool.

While a disciplined White House would be less entertaining, it is essential. But, to quote Spider-Man's uncle Ben, with great power comes great responsibility.

One sign of that chaos is Trump's penchant for reckless use of Twitter.

Both Mattis and Kelly have been active in providing clarification of executive orders released by the White House.

Former Trump campaign manager Cory Lewandowski, who was ousted from the campaign in June 2016, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he expected Kelly would "restore order to the staff" but also stressed that Trump was unlikely to change his style. 'If he wants to make a change he can certainly do so and I would be glad to yield in that circumstance; no doubt about it'. He does not want a distracted president. That's the real reason why so many people in Washington fervently hope that Kelly, and Trump, fail. He is still firing off bombastic tweets, like one on Thursday blaming the Republican-controlled Congress for what he called an all-time low in relations with Russian Federation because it piled on more sanctions. They forget history. Every administration has a rocky start. "The president has to be part of that". But Trump aides made clear that the president still wanted to see action on health care.

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