Qantas planes forced to turn back over engineering issues

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 4, 2017

"The flaps on the aircraft (attached to the wing) are unable to retract which means the aircraft can't fly efficiently", Qantas said in a statement on this afternoon.

Two Qantas planes had to abort their global flights and return to Sydney with mid-air mechanical issues.

In June, a China Eastern plane bound for Shanghai made an emergency landing in Sydney after a huge hole appeared in one of its engine casings.

A second flight, Qantas flight QF63 from Sydney to Johannesburg also needed to return due to cracked glass on the windscreen.

The aircraft is dumping fuel off the coast and is expected to land within the hour, where it will be inspected by engineers.

"Qantas flight QF7 from Sydney to Dallas is returning to Sydney due to a mechanical issue".

It left Sydney International Airport just before 2pm on Friday but began dumping fuel off Wollongong around an hour into its flight plan.

An aircraft windscreen is made up of three layers, and while the outer pane had cracked it did not compromise the integrity of the aircraft, Qantas said.

The aircraft landed safely and without incident around 3.30pm, Qantas said.

According to the flight's tracked path, the plane managed to fly southwards to Tasmania before needing to circle around and return to Sydney Airport for the issues to be addressed.

Qantas advised that it was working to accommodate passengers or offering them transport home before replacement flights were organised.

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