Olenna Tyrell Went Out With A Bang

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Agosto 4, 2017

She wasn't in many episodes of Game of Thrones (only 18 out of 63), but every time she popped up, all the attention fell on the Queen of Thorns.

So it came as a pleasant surprise to viewers when Olenna Tyrell who has become known as a master of trickery and a skilful scheme-tress, was granted a death that was both, and used it to deliver one final insult to her enemies. I stay alive, I'm just not going to reappear.

Elsewhere, we're getting some tantalising looks at action as it develops across Westeros.

In season 5, a younger Cersei met a seer called Maggy the Frog. It was one final reminder that she was above everything.

Cersei is meant to be the child of Tywin and Joanna Lannister - but Kristian's clanger suggested Mad King Aerys is in fact the real dad. "Gold will be their crowns, gold their shrouds", she was told - and now these illegitimate Lannister kids are all indeed dead.

Well, the second question has a simple answer: it's because she's been around the entire time.

Jaime's forces took the wealthy Highgarden easily, for House Tyrell had already been devoid of true leadership since the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor in Season 6. You see, I had never seen the poison work before. After calling Cersei a "monster", Olenna swallowed the poison provided by Jamie and also revealed that SHE was the one who poisoned Joffrey at the Purple Wedding.

The Prince that was Promised is a prophesied figure about the reborn Azor Ahai. Azor Ahai, the figure who's supposed to be reincarnated in the Prince That Was Promised, originally forged Lightbringer by stabbing his wife Nissa Nissa through the heart with it.

There's Jaime and Bronn raiding a nearby convoy of gold.

As this Reddit post explains, the High Valyrian words for 'lord' and 'light' are 'aeksio' and 'onos' respectively, while "gold" and "hand" are 'aeksion' and 'ondos'. Since he seems to be enjoying the hell out of all this favor-currying, there's no reason to think he won't keep fighting for her, and for the prospect of bedding her.

Could Jaime be the Prince that was Promised?

Jaime is still completely loyal to Cersei. The honor belongs to Lady Olenna Tyrell. In doing so, people think he'll turn it into the flaming sword Lightbringer. Robb Stark took three seasons to get from Winterfell to The Twins; Jaime does the same distance quicker than you can say Jaqen H'ghar. "This is purposeful deception", they write. Jaime turned away before the queen's actual demise, and so did the cameras. What was once Jaime's corruption embodied is reborn, the mark of a prophesied hero. She could write one hell of a tell-all, or, alternatively, star in a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-esque re-telling of five seasons of King's Landing intrigue.

What do you reckon of the theory? Because this week they clarified that Yara's ships were Euron-jacked on the way to Dorne, not on the way back (as I had previously thought). So who knows, perhaps he won't be the smarmy punk he's always been and will prove to be an even more valuable ally in the wars to come.

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