House that inspired Stephen King's famed 'Pet Sematary' up for sale

Paterniano Del Favero
Agosto 4, 2017

The home where Stephen King was living when he was inspired to write one of his famous horror novels is now for sale for $255,000.

King says local children had created an informal pet cemetery in the woods behind the house because of how many pets had been lost on the busy trucking route that ran through Orrington.

Figuring in the plot is a cat who comes back to life, its personality markedly unimproved by the experience.

According to the real estate listing, the house has two floors, two fireplaces, a butler's pantry, an all-season sun porch with a separate rental apartment above the garage. The site adds, "It was on the third day after the burial that the idea for a novel came to him".

"I can remember crossing the road, and thinking that the cat had been killed in the road". And the two things just came together - on one side of this two-lane highway was the idea of what if the cat came back, and on the other side of the highway was what if the kid came back - so that when I reached the other side, I had been galvanized by the idea, but not in any melodramatic way. "I knew immediately that it was a novel".

The family learns the hard way that some things should stay dead, no matter how tragic their passing might have been, as once the living has seen the other side, they will be forever changed. The theme song was sung by The Ramones.

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