Good polling due to benefit admission

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 4, 2017

Green Party co leader Metiria Turei says outing herself as a benefit fraudster is the reason for their great showing in the latest polls.

Ms Turei said last month her admission had opened up a necessary conversation, and she had since heard from people in a similar position, or from people who knew people who had acted in a similar way out of desperation.

She acknowledged it put Labour in a hard position and the Labour Party had expressed concerns with her.

"I will not be resigning as co-leader of the Green Party, or as a member of parliament for the Green Party", Ms Turei said at the press conference.

Metiria Turei must resign as an MP immediately because of her admitted abuse of the welfare system in the 1990s and her abuse of voters' trust during the past weeks.

Mr Shaw said he never asked for Ms Turei's resignation and supported her as co-leader.

"What a cop out".

Ms Turei admitted she had considered resigning but said she had the support of colleagues and constituents to stay on.

Ms Turei admits prosecution is a potential outcome of her admission that she lied to Work and Income New Zealand when she was an unemployed solo mum completing a law degree in the 1990s.

On Thursday night came a new admission that her mother was one of those flatmates - though she maintains they were financially independent - as well as a confession that she registered to vote at a false address in 1993 so she could vote for her friend who was a candidate in Mount Albert.

The WINZ investigation was sparked after Turei publicly told authorities she was living alone despite subletting some of her rooms to flatmates.

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