'Game Of Thrones' Delivers First Major Character's Death

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Agosto 4, 2017

By now we all know that know Game of Thrones differs from all other Television shows out there. Ser Jorah, who was under treatment about his Greyscale, has finally done.

Theon is rescued from the sea - and immediately labeled a coward. Cersei is going to poison her daughter.

It seemed like Cersei would win the power rankings this week, until Olenna Tyrell confesses to Joffrey's murder.

Things got off to a rocky start when Davos got upset that Dany called Jon Snow a lord ― you know, since he's a king.

Euron had a great week, and a surprising roar of applause when he arrived in King's Landing.

Daenerys expected Jon to bend the knee. But hey, a bit of incest has never stopped GoT characters before.

Euron delivers Ellaria and Tyene Sand to Cersei. What is stopping Dany, once she finds the Lannister troops during her dragon reconnaissance flight, from leading her Dothraki hordes and Unsullied battalions right into Jaime's forces, making him the fool that had to meet them in an open field? Olenna makes it all the way around the continent to Highgarden.

She sends the Unsullied into a risky situation, completely underestimating the Lannister's ability to strategize.

"I'd hate to die like your son - clawing at my neck, foam and bile spilling from my mouth, eyes blood red, skin purple". On the opposite coast, along with most of Daenery's supplies, Highgarden was the real prize while Casterly Rock was something the Lannister's were willing to part with.

But Jaime also loses big this week. This episode was so heavily focused on the queens and ladies in Westeros that we didn't get to see what Arya was up to, and for the second week in a row, we didn't see The Hound and the Brotherhood Without Banners. Ellaria will be left in the cell with the rotting body of her daughter, after Cersei killed Tyene with the same poison that killed Mycella. "Once we realized that we're kind of getting a charge just from seeing this happen on a set, which is a notoriously boring place, we had a sense that it would carry over to the finished version of the scene". A brutal, quick death isn't enough for Cersei at this point.

As Jon and Davos (Liam Cunningham) stood before Dany, Missandei read off her many titles: Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi, Breaker of Chains, etc.

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