Game of Thrones' Cersei Lannister to be murdered by closest companion?

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Agosto 4, 2017

Warning: This article contains spoilers to the third episode of Game of Thrones Season 7.

And with that lesson in mind, Jon and Dany forge a fragile alliance out of dragonglass; we have yet to resolve the game of thrones, but we know what the real enemy is, and what we need to defeat it.

Actor Kristian Nairns - who portrayed the character Hodor and was last seen in the season six episode The Door - was speaking to host Sue Perkins and other guests journalist Grace Dent and Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil, when he made a remark about Cersei Lannister being "mad, like her father the Mad King". However, Cersei chose to poison Tyene in the same way Myrcella was poisoned, leaving her to die as her mother (Ellaria) watches helplessly.

What did YOU think of Rigg's final scene as Lady Olenna? But how does that affect Jaime's future?

If it does happen, it looks like it won't be soon, as Arya is busy trying to get back to Winterfell for a family reunion. There's an unmistakable spring in Cersei Lannister's step this season, as if the Sept of Baelor blows up behind her eyelids every time she blinks.

That king would have 20 children - all bastards, like Gendry - but Cersei would have just three. "And I did it for my daughter [actress Rachel Stirling, now 40] because she - the kids absolutely adored the Muppets".

She would be queen "for a time". Bursting with confidence, Jaime brags about learning from his mistakes, at which point, Olenna quips, "You must be very wise by now". When she sees the teenaged Stark has gotten her first period, Bernadette runs off to tell Cersei.

This would obviously fill Maggy the Frog's Volanqar prophecy. "I'm deeply grateful to the character", she says. She watched and waited and laughed in his face as she dropped the bomb that she was the one truly responsible for the death of his eldest son, Joffrey (Jack Gleeson). There are even some theories, according to NME, that Jaime could become the Prince that was Promised after he kills Cersei.

The Prince that was Promised is a prophesied figure about the reborn Azor Ahai. Azor Ahai, the figure who's supposed to be reincarnated in the Prince That Was Promised, originally forged Lightbringer by stabbing his wife Nissa Nissa through the heart with it. And if so, does this mean he'll be switching sides to fight his brother and sister? However, after what she was up to in the Red Keep, a bottle or two might treat her well.

Do you think Cersei will push Jaime too far?

Could Jaime be the Prince that was Promised?

It's clear where the show wants to be: Team Cersei is doing better than expected, her opponents set back on their heels, even as Jaime begins to rethink things.

C'mon. The fact that they've survived seven seasons of the most brutal show on TV and not been killed off is pretty good - particularly when you find out who they work for. Tyene seemed to take a liking to Bronn, and seduced him through the bars before kissing him-however, Tyene lined her lips with the exact same poison that is now killing her (called "The Long Farewell"). Here's hoping they write away for some correspondence courses on military strategy, too.

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