Secret Service to test drone to boost security at Trump property

Rufina Vignone
Agosto 3, 2017

Trump has made four trips to Bedminster since becoming president.

The president's security detail will deploy a small tethered drone during the president's upcoming visit to his golf club in New Jersey to determine whether the unmanned aerial vehicles could be useful in protecting the president, Reuters reported Wednesday.

The Secret Service has said that it is experimenting with various drones for security monitoring.

Will Trump vacation in Bedminster?

The drone has electro-optical and infrared cameras to look for potential threats and is on a microfilament tether that provides power to the craft.

Reuters said the drone will be flying 300 to 400 feet in the air and concentrate on the outer perimeter of the golf club's protection zone.

Manned aircraft now provides surveillance, but the drone will be quieter and can provide coverage for a longer period of time. But according to Reuters, the agency says such aircraft are too loud and do not provide the consistent coverage needed.

Images and video recorded by the drone will be overwritten within 30 days unless they are part of a law enforcement investigation at that time.

The government estimates that by 2021 the commercial drone fleet will increase tenfold to about 442,000.

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