Rocket League Passes 34 Million Players; New Ban System Additions Coming

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 3, 2017

It's incredible how long it's been since Rocket League released.

Rocket League now has a "Language Ban" system that automatically bands players from online matches when certain words are used and reported by other players.

The Language Ban system will continue to evolve over time, with new words being added as deemed necessary.

Alongside the player milestone announcement, Psyonix also stressed in the same blogpost how much it values keeping Rocket League a consistently safe and a harassment-free place, "where players of all ages and backgrounds can come together and execute the sweetest of aerial goals and backflip saves". As you'd expect, Psyonix declined to make this list public, but did say it includes racial slurs. Each word is paired with a usage threshold, with bans coming into play once that threshold has been reached.

Each word has its own hidden threshold and, once it's reached, bans start out at 24 hours and will escalate to 72 hours, a week, and end with a permanent ban if the behavior hasn't changed and the player continues to be reported.

Psyonix said that the need for an automated system to monitor players stemmed from the thousands of in-game abuse and harassment reports it receives every day, and added that the new system will allow them to improve the response time to such reports. This is a good choice considering the fact that some games are defined by the community. It's worth noting Rocket League's appeal system for bans applies to these reports. And Rocket League's community matters to Psyonix more than anything. The new system is created to help the devs address reports more expeditiously, however it notes that it'll still monitor the likes of Reddit and other social media for feedback.

Psyonix is building on its "Player Report" system specifically.

The post also clarified that Season 4 Rewards were denied for a number of players who were "found abusing the matchmaking system to increase their rank".

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