Beyoncé to buy stake in Houston Rockets?

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 3, 2017

Could Beyonce be the next partial owner of the Houston Rockets NBA team!?

Beyoncé wouldn't be new to ownership game, as her husband Jay-Z, used to have stakes in the Brooklyn Nets before selling it to Jason Kidd to become a certified sports agent.

Beyonce reportedly is interested in buying a stake in the Houston Rockets franchise.

Team owner Les Alexander announced last month that he was putting the National Basketball Association franchise up for sale amid surging prices, and according to the report, Bey is considering making an investment.

Beyoncé shouldn't have any trouble making her investment as she is this year's second highest-paid celebrity at a staggering $105 million, according to Forbes. She could afford a $16.5 million 1% share.

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