Usain Bolt urges other athletes to save athletics

Rufina Vignone
Agosto 2, 2017

The last 100m race I ran was a 9.95sec which shows I am going in the right direction.

"It's a championships and the two rounds always help me".

British TV had screened his "I am Bolt" film on Monday night, which opened a window on the rarely seen battles he has had to go through to overcome so many injuries and was a testament to his willingness to work himself back into shape year after year. "It is go time". "It is time to go, and I am ready to go".

As for the world championships, which begin in London on Friday, Bolt was his usual confident self in assessing his chances of victory in the 100m.

Such has been the Jamaican's influence on track and field that Sebastian Coe, president of track and field's governing body the IAAF, said this week that Bolt's impact on athletics is comparable to what Muhammad Ali achieved in boxing.

Mason, the Jamaican record holder in the high jump event and won several global medals for Jamaica before he chose to represent Great Britain, the country he won a silver medal for at the 2008 Olympic Games.

And Bolt, who holds the world records in the 100m and 200m, insisted dopers are endangering the future of athletics.

"I want to brag to my kids when they're 15, that I'm still the best", he joked.

"For some reason I am the underdog", said Bolt, who hasn't been beaten in a 100m or 200m race since 2013. But I am confident in my abilities, always.

"I said a couple of years ago it had to get really bad, when there's nowhere else to go but up". "I love competition, I thrive on competition, and I want people to run fast to push me".

"I didn't know I would be 100m world record holder growing up, I had no idea. There's an understanding that if you cheat you will get caught".

Sprinting has been mired by doping over the years, and track and field's governing body the IAAF has been on the back foot over widespread state-sponsored doping in Russian Federation, whose athletes were barred from the Rio Olympics and will also miss London, although some have been cleared to compete as neutrals.

While fans and the sport's administrators will miss Bolt enormously, those lamenting his departure most of all will probably be his chief sponsor Puma, the German sportswear manufacturer which has shod him and ridden his glory for a decade while the rest of the sport has largely been dominated by rivals Adidas and Nike. He also showed disappointment when the topic of doping came up again, knowing his sport, his livelihood, is still trying to find a way back from rock bottom.

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