Tillerson says U.S. is willing to dialogue with North Korea

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 2, 2017

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, an important member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said a military response to Pyongyang's weapons program is "inevitable if North Korea continues". They're not going to die here. "I prefer the diplomatic approach, but they will not be allowed to have a missile able to hit America with a nuclear weapon on top", he said. "We stand up for our allies because we believe that the lives of allied citizens are as valuable as the lives of American citizens".

Trump had emphasized that point as he courted Chinese President Xi Jinping during a state visit and pressured Beijing to use its influence on Pyongyang.

In reference to the senator's remarks, the White House reiterated that it was weighing all options to "stop" the North.

US President Donald Trump has requested directly and indirectly on a litany of occasions for China to assist in denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, long Washington's stated goal.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia Aug. 5 to Aug. 9, the State Department said on Tuesday.

But he made it clear that there was no possibility of talks if North Korea did not abandon its nuclear programme.

He said other options were "not particularly attractive".

Negotiations with the North Korean government are possible as long as there is "an understanding that a condition of those talks is there is no future where North Korea holds nuclear weapons or the ability to deliver those nuclear weapons to anyone in the region much less to the homeland". "China has ways that they can put pressure on and influence the North Korean regime because of this significant economic relationship that no one else has", he said.

"W$3 here we have differences - in the South China Sea, and we have some trading differences that need to be addressed - can we work through those differences in a way without it leading to open conflict and find the solutions that are necessary to serve us both?" he said.

"We see all types of evidence that this is a real and serious nuclear program and missile program".

Tillerson also underscored China's key role in diplomacy with North Korea, through its "special and unique relationship" with the isolated nation.

It is also reported that the parties have close contact on the Syrian issue.

Arguing that China sees eye-to-eye with the U.S. about the threat posed by Pyongyang's aggressive weapons development, Tillerson said: "We don't blame the Chinese for the situation in North Korea".

"As our president said in his speech in Berlin, we do not want North Korea's collapse nor an artificial unification by absorption, I think the US' stance does not differ significantly from this", he said at a news briefing Wednesday.

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