Tehran rejects Saudi visa claim as wrong, unreal, gives details

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 2, 2017

Iran has rejected as "untrue" claims by a Saudi Foreign Ministry official about Tehran's refusal to fully investigate the 2016 storming of the kingdom's embassy and consulate in the Islamic Republic, PressTV reported.

'The visas for Saudi delegates to visit diplomatic centers were issued one month ago, ' Qasemi said on Tuesday.

Saudi Press Agency reported, citing a source in country's Foreign Ministry, that despite the initial agreements, Tehran had denied the access of the Saudi investigators to Iran as part of their joint activities with the Iranian authorities aimed at inspecting the attacked facilities and finalizing all the processes related to the issue.

Qassemi dismissed the allegations, saying "These are erroneous and untrue comments".

He added that Tehran and Riyadh had reached an agreement over the visit to diplomatic missions, saying that the Iranian side issued visas for the Saudi delegation almost a month ago after Saudi Foreign Ministry accepted the principle of reciprocity.

He detailed Iran's long record in violation of diplomatic missions over the past four decades from the attack on the US Embassy in 1979, then on Saudi Arabia in 1987, then the British, French and Danish between 2010 and 2012 and lastly the Saudi Embassy again in 2016, in addition to attacks on many diplomats and targeting them for assassination inside and outside Iran. "It seems that such remarks were made without any coordination with informed and relevant officials at Saudi Foreign Ministry".

The Saudi side seems to have been surprised by good faith and promptness of the Iranian side, the spokesman said, adding that available evidence puts the Saudis' claims to lie.

Riyadh reacted to the violence by rupturing its diplomatic ties with Tehran, which it has not restored to date.

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