Seth Meyers: 'Scaramucci's last name is longer than his tenure'

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Agosto 2, 2017

Mr Scaramucci is a New York Wall Street type with little political experience.

It's not the first time Scaramucci was given a White House position that was later gone. He's not putting up with any horseplay at the White House.

He ended the event by blowing a kiss to the assembled reporters and television cameras.

Noting the brevity of Scaramucci's stay on President Donald Trump's administration, the comedian suggested Mooch's "going-away party serve what's left of his welcome cake". Let's hope Scaramucci's departure draws a line in the sand that we can agree we just won't cross. Additionally, Scaramucci's wife, Deidre Scaramucci, announced last week she'd file for divorce shortly after his appointment even though she's nine months pregnant, citing his "naked ambition".

"I'll tell you, though, as shocking as this is-as hard as it's been on Scaramucci-it's been harder on me: the Colbooch", Colbert continued. "We're setting so many records!'"

It seems like there is a major staff change out of the White House every few days because, well, there is.

But tensions were evident from the start.

The 53-year-old former hedge fund manager is, of course, not dead yet. In a heated, expletive-laden phone call with a "Mooch" impersonator that rivaled that of the real deal, Kimmel questioned "Scaramucci" on his feelings about his former place of employment.

The still-alive NY man's tenure as comms director ended as quickly as it began on Monday, not long after (local connection alert) Boston native and retired Marine General John Kelly was appointed Chief of Staff.

Anthony Scaramucci is having a bad week.

He even came equipped with a memorable nickname, "the Mooch".

The actress took to Instagram to diss Trump by comparing his stint with Scaramucci to her hit 2003 rom-com How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. "We really appreciate your direct and colorful language and I would like to officially extend an offer for you to work for CamSoda in a similar role - serving as CamSoda's Communications Director", Press wrote.

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