Met Police Officers Are Disproportionately Likely To Use Force Against Black Men

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 2, 2017

Scotland Yard officers used force of varying degrees from handcuffs to guns as many as 139 times a day in London on average، or once every 10 minutes.

In 70% of incidents the person involved was aged under 35, and in more than 85% of use-of-force incidents the subject was male.

The data also reveals that officers were injured on 643 occasions during the quarter.

The Metropolitan Police had 12,605 incidents of force registered in the three months to the end of June.

Most incidents were against men aged between 18 and 34 years with 6404 incidents, and breaking the data down further, 45% of people were white, 36% per cent black and 10% per cent from the Asian community, and almost 14% of people were believed to have mental health issues. About 10% more of the cases involved people who self-identified as Asian, a group that makes up about 18% of the city.

"This is a deeply troubling report".

POLICE use force against young white men the most, new data has revealed. "All police forces throughout the country must treat all communities equally، and with respect".

Abbott said: "I also deplore the injuries to officers".

"While we welcome this transparency, which is long overdue, the publication of these statistics show what we in the black community have always seen - this is a huge disparity. Labour will recruit 10,000 more community police officers to tackle this problem".

Met commander Matt Twist said the figures show the force's officers "face the most unsafe situations every day". It gives senior officers an enhanced ability to scrutinise the decisions officers take daily, and help influence the way we train officers in use of force tactics, and to ensure we are giving them the right equipment. The use of force techniques are there to stop violence and danger, protecting not only the officer making an arrest but the public at the scene, and the person being arrested.

Data released by the Metropolitan Police reveals that from April to June, officers across the capital used force 12,605 times - nearly once every 10 minutes.

Available on the force's website, the data spans all forms of police interaction with suspects and detainees, including taking hold of their arm, handcuffing them, deploying a police dog, using a baton, CS spray, Taser or firearm.

The incident came just weeks after another black man, Edson Da Costa, died in contested circumstances after officers stopped the auto he was travelling in in Beckton. The Met said that almost 14% of people against whom force was used were believed to have mental health problems.

Almost half - 5,397 - were described as "compliant handcuffing" while other common tactics included the use of "unarmed skills", restraint and "tactical communications" to defuse situations.

"Unarmed skills" like using pressure and stress points were the second most used technique (3,225). "Records show it was sacked in only 10.5% of cases where it was deployed, so in 89.5% of cases over this time period it was used but not fired, demonstrating how effective a tactic it is at defusing potentially volatile situations and reducing the need for further use-of-force techniques".

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