Men actor James McAvoy hates shaving his head

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Agosto 2, 2017

Scottish actor James McAvoy says he didn't like shaving his head for the role of Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men series of films. Whatever the case may be, McAvoy will have to continue to sport his bald look as X-Men: Dark Pheonix will reportedly finish filming at the end of October. But in an interview with People, he admitted the look, which he previously enjoyed, no longer gave him the luxury of being anonymous.

"I used to like the fact that it afforded me a certain amount of anonymity but it no longer does that", said McAvoy. I like when it's been about five or seven days going in, then it's cool.

"Since I did two movies that everybody saw where I had a bald head, now it's like a fucking beacon".

"I do like the fact that I don't have to do anything in the morning", he added. He shaved his head last month, as revealed in a dramatic Instagram video, and has apparently been regretting it ever since. Although James might not be the greatest fan of a close shave, the haircut has reappeared in his latest movie.

McAvoy's preferred version of the hairstyle can be seen in his new film Atomic Blonde, which stars Charlize Theron as the badass Agent Lorraine Broughton. Talking about the film, the actor revealed that he does not have a lot of fight scenes but was pleased with himself for being able to keep a cigarette in his mouth while taking a beating from Charlize's character. "There was no camera trickery", he happily shared.

"I actually kept it in my mouth the whole time".

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