First sexually transmitted case of Zika confirmed in Florida in 2017

Barsaba Taglieri
Agosto 2, 2017

They both tested positive.

The infected individual was diagnosed with Zika after having sexual contact with a partner, who recently traveled to Cuba and was sick with symptoms of the virus.

"The department notified mosquito control, and appropriate mosquito reduction activities are taking place", the Department of Health said.

"There is no evidence of ongoing transmission of Zika by mosquitoes in any area of Florida", FDOH says in a statement.

One hundred eighteen cases of Zika have been reported in Florida in 2017, according to the Florida Department of health.

Dawn Dudley, a scientist in UW-Madison's School of Medicine and Public Health, says the tonsils were chosen as a site for testing because they are typically a source of infection for influenza and Epstein-Barr virus. After infection, the Zika virus is present in blood and saliva for up to about two weeks, but it remains in bodily fluids like breast milk for weeks and semen for months.

According to CDC guidance, providers should screen all pregnant women in the United States for possible Zika exposure and symptoms at each prenatal care visit.

The Florida Department of Health made the announcement Tuesday.

"For other states, particularly here in the south where we have mosquito populations where this is some risk of local transmission".

The department updates the full list of travel-related cases by county online each weekday.

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