Finance chief: Duterte won't fire Faeldon amid drug shipment probe

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 2, 2017

Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson, a former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief and chairman of the Senate public order and risky drugs committee, made this calculation after the first of a series of public hearings last Monday by the Senate Blue Ribbon on questionable shipments, including the deadly 600 kilos illegal drugs such as "shabu, " are allowed to leave the waterfront. "However, this will not slow down our fight against drugs", he said.

The witness said Tan passed on the package list to a middleman identified as Kenneth Dong, who in turn looked for a broker who could hire a Manila-based consignee for the shipment.

The sole owner of EMT Trading, Eirene Mae Augustino Tatad, acknowledged at the inquiry that she talked to Taguba about using her name in his transactions as a Customs broker. He said Tan should know who owns the cylinders and who are its recipients. "But hey, only [in] the Philippines, as they say, our Customs officials are quick to pin the blame on another unqualified official under their command and handpicked by them whose fault is that he wears a different uniform", Barbers said.

Mr. Gambala said that it may have been "because they failed to input the data".

"He also said that he did not know Tan personally because he thought his client was Dong".

Estrella told the senators that Chinese Customs, which provided the intelligence about the drug shipment, gave contact details to a point person who would validate the Chinese' Customs information.

Gordon also summoned Tan and Dong to the Senate probe to shed light on the claims made by Taguba.

Senator Panfilo M. Lacson, Sr., however, pointed out that of EMT Trading's 524 entries, 484 shipments were classified under the green lane.

Taguba said Richard Chen is really Richard Tan.

In a statement, Faeldon said the photo "maliciously" implied that it was taken before the BOC raid last May 26.

A July 30 photo which circulated on social media showed Faeldon with Richard Chen, owner of the Hongfei Logistics warehouse in Valenzuela that housed the illegal drugs.

Faledon said he "reluctantly agreed" to have a photo with Chen out of courtesy to the latter's request. "Hindi ko po alam kung saan galing ang cylinder (I don't know where the cylinders came from)".

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