'Big Brother' Season 19: Paul Uses His Power Of Veto On [SPOILER]

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Agosto 2, 2017

Was the PoV used?

There is a lot of time for additional Big Brother 19 spoilers to come out before Thursday night, especially if production confirms that it is going to be a "special episode" with the "fast-forward" used as a main component.

Christmas Abbott hosted the competition.

Paul had nominated Jessica and Cody for eviction assuming they were bluffing about "The Halting Hex" temptation in which Jessica said she and Cody would be safe for several weeks.

This power gives Jessica the ability to halt any one of four succeeding live evictions. Both Jessica and Cody are qualified to compete, but not Paul, who will be the outgoing HOH.

Jason is a special third nomination this week as a effect for finishing the previous "Temptation Competition" in last place. It looks like they trust Paul because numerous house members are joining him in his plan to take Cody out.

Jessica kept insisting to the whole that this week is going to be a wash because Cody and herself are safe, so she mocked the players who studied hard for the competition.

In the end, Paul won the Power of Veto competition dubbed "BB Storm Watch", which required each houseguest to read a weather report off a TelePrompTer while wind and rain was raging. In that case, Paul would name Elena Davies as her replacement nominee. As of late, no one is targeting Jason so Paul chose to use his POV on him just to make sure that he wouldn't be at risk of elimination. Because Jason was saved, Paul did not have to name a replacement nominee.

The house was split on whether Jessica was going to use "The Halting Hex".

Paul Abrahamian has been doing great at manipulating the other members of "Big Brother" in order to turn them against Cody Nickson. According to the same publication, Jessica told Cody that she will put Raven Walton and Alex Ow up for eviction if she has the power. Jessica was more than ready to save Cody and herself, but at the same time, she wondered if Cody really wanted to be there. Cody then took Jessica and left the kitchen. Cody told his girlfriend that he will absolutely become Head of Household next week. So, since the other side of the house found out about the Halting Hex and didn't want their week in power to go to waste, they chose to try to antagonize Jody in order to either get the couple to self-evict or maybe throw a punch and get sent home that way. Jessica mentioned how they should nominate Raven and Alex for eviction next week with the intention of backdooring Paul.

Paul declared war on Jessica and Cody and decided he was going to try to make Cody miserable so that he would flip out and lose his cool.

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