Transgender man gives birth to a boy

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 1, 2017

The couple named their little bundle of joy, Leo Murray Chaplow.

Trystan Reese, was born a girl did hormone therapy ten years ago but has kept his "original parts", that let him get pregnant.

After losing one baby to a miscarriage, a transgender man and his husband are celebrating the arrival of their first biological child.

The Portland couple shared their elation over the news with several news outlets, with Trystan telling WGN9 he was "overjoyed" and "elated".

They adopted Chaplow's niece and nephew after his sister was found unfit to be their guardian. "I would say it's unique", Trystan Reese, who gave birth to Leo, told KATU. "I'm OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby". "I feel like it's a gift to have been born with the body that I did, and I made the necessary changes so that I could keep living in it, both through hormones and through other body modifications", he said in the video. Reese told CNN that he had stopped taking testosterone to prepare for the pregnancy.

Reese began taking testosterone pills almost a decade ago as he transitioned from woman to man but said he stopped taking them months prior to becoming pregnant in order to safely carry a child.

"We are so lucky to have been able to welcome him into our lives and can not wait to see who he grows up to be", they said.

The post Transgender Man Gives Birth To Baby Boy In US appeared first on "I understand that people are not used to two men having a biological child". Reese and Chaplow have documented their pregnancy on Facebook. "We've been under medical supervision the entire time to make it as healthy and safe as possible", he said. They also had to face criticism and negativity amidst the humungous support on Facebook and media's attention from around the world.

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