Tesla batteries could serve as back up for MA wind farm

Paterniano Del Favero
Agosto 1, 2017

If it receives approval for the wind farm's construction, the company stated that it will base its construction and operations from the city of New Bedford in MA.

Deepwater Wind has submitted bids for the construction of a 144MW offshore wind farm in response to the Massachusetts Clean Energy request for proposals (RfP).

The plan, which is one of the bids submitted to a request for proposals to supply power to the state of MA, would see a production facility with 144-megawatt capability build off the coast.

The Revolution Wind project would be located 30 miles off the coast near New Bedford. The Tesla batteries will ensure that Deepwater wind turbines can efficiently send energy to the mainland during those times. This project, however, is not part of the offshore wind target.

The 144-megawatt development would stockpile electricity produced late at night, then deliver it when the grid needs it most, Deepwater Chief Executive Officer Jeff Grybowski said in an interview Monday. The company plans to locate final turbine assembly and staging operations at the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. In addition, Revolution Wind's long-term operations and maintenance center will be in the City.

The company says Revolution Wind's wind-storage pairing would allow the commonwealth to meet two policy goals.

That would be a significant energy storage project in size and a second paired with wind power for Tesla Powerpacks.

Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski said:"Revolution Wind will be the largest combined offshore wind and energy storage project in the world,".

Notably, according to Deepwater Wind, Revolution Wind could be built in a single construction season and be developed more cost-effectively with considerably less risk than a larger project.

Offshore wind developer Deepwater Wind announced a partnership with Tesla this week to pair a 144 MW offshore wind farm with a 40 MWh battery storage system.

Local construction work on Revolution Wind would start in 2022 if it is approved and the wind farm will begin operations in 2023.

Deepwater Wind also intends to submit an offshore wind proposal under Massachusetts' separate 83C offshore wind RFP; those bids are due in December 2018.

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