Nintendo says that SNES Classic Edition preorders will begin this month

Geronimo Vena
Agosto 1, 2017

Now, Nintendo has come forward to confirm that multiple retailers will have Super NES Classic Edition pre-orders in North America this month.

The SNES Classic Edition, in case you've been living in a cave for the past month or so, is a tiny version of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System, complete with controllers that match the original. On top of that, a "significant amount of additional systems" will be made available at retailers on launch day and will continue to be supplied throughout the year.

Of note, Nintendo says the console will be shipped "throughout the balance of the calendar year". It also says more systems will be shipped to stores throughout 2017. This thing is going to be hot.

Super NES Classic Edition console preorders will begin before the end of August, according to a Facebook post from Nintendo on Tuesday.

Thus, potential buyers have been anxiously anticipating the ability to pre-order the system. Everyone who ordered a system was later met by an email claiming that their orders had been cancelled.

As soon as we hear back from retailers and lock down a pre-order date, we'll let you know right away. The pitchforks sharpened as the angry Nintendo fan-mob shout when the hell they'll be able to pre-order the sought-after SNES Classic, which launches on September 29.

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