How 12 inmates used a condiment to escape an Alabama jail

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 1, 2017

"This may sound insane but these people are insane like a fox", Walker County Sheriff Jim Underwood said.

Changing numbers on doors with peanut butter - it may sound insane, but these kinds of people are insane like a fox. "So we got some evil people down here, and they scheme all the time to con us and our employees at the jail. I'm never going to make any excuses - it was a human error that caused this to happen", the Walker County sheriff said, adding that some security deficiencies worth about $300,000 required refurbishing.

"It happens. Escapes happen", Underwood said.

The 12 inmates scaled a 12-foot fence topped with razor wire after walking out of the jail, Underwood said on Monday.

Their plan was "well laid out", Underwood said.

Eleven of the 12 escapees, including two accused of attempted murder, were caught within hours of the jailbreak. Brady Andrew Kilpatrick, who was in jail on drug possession charges, still remains at large.

The inmates are between the ages of 18 and 30.

They "painted" a number with peanut butter over an outside door, making it look like an inside cell door, and then fooled an inexperienced jail guard into unlocking it for them. Others who helped them after they escaped will also be charged.

Those who escaped were taken back to jail.

According to Sheriff Jim Underwood, the inmates had the cunning of a fox. You have to stay on your toes.

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