Elon Musk gets personal about his 'terrible lows' and 'unrelenting stress'

Paterniano Del Favero
Agosto 1, 2017

In a series of tweets Musk described why not many would want to trade places with him.

THE billionaire Elon Musk has admitted he is "bipolar" and revealed the "great highs and bad lows" of his life.

Then another person replied to the comment about highs and lows, asking if Musk might be bipolar.

"Artificial intelligence will in the future make our lives better, and to provide for the end of the world is very irresponsible", said the founder of Facebook.

Musk spoke out on Twitter after being asked about the "ups and downs" in his life.

CNet points out, "It's important to note that bipolar disorder is more than just severe mood swings, and should be properly diagnosed by a psychiatrist". "Dunno. Bad feelings correlate to bad events, so maybe real problem is getting carried away in what I sign up for".

He later offered an unfavorable comparison to his career, tweeting: "If you buy a ticket to hell, it isn't fair to blame hell".

Long-time venture capitalist Fred Wilson responded to Musk's tweets on his own blog, AVC. And also, to some extent, the life of a VC who cares. The unrelenting stress is the hardest of the three in my opinion. "Stress is part of life, we all have it", Wilson says in the post published Monday.

While there are many perks to entrepreneurial achievement, the stresses of running a big company can be crippling.

"Managing that so that it doesn't eat you up and mess up your relationships is super hard", writes Wilson.

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