Brett Ryan pleads guilty to crossbow deaths of mother, 2 brothers

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 1, 2017

A desperate, deceitful groom admitted Friday he murdered his mother and two brothers to prevent his mom from revealing his web of lies to his fiancee a month before their wedding.

Brett Ryan came to prominence in Canada nearly a decade ago after he committed a series of heists while disguised as an elderly man.

Seven counselling sessions (a condition of his day parole) later, a psychologist treating Ryan declared that he no longer needed therapy.

However, Ryan lied to his fiancée and told her he had a job and had graduated college.

"You remain a low risk for offending", the board wrote in 2011 in granting him full parole.

Officers found Ryan's mother and two of his brothers with life-threatening injuries outside of his mother's home near Markham Road and Eglinton Avenue East area of Scarborough last August.

Because the crimes were so out of character, the judge only sentenced him to three years and nine months in prison, which came down to just 15 months thanks to his good behaviour inside, The Toronto Star reports.

The "Fake Beard Bandit" had morphed into "The Crossbow Killer".

Ryan's mom urged him to come clean to his bride-to-be and said she would financially support him for a short time if he did so, but Ryan feared the truth would end his romantic relationship and that his mom would expose him. The petite blonde physiotherapist had met her future husband while he was still on parole and wasn't fussed about dating an ex-con. According to The Star, he told Baxter he had graduated from college in April a year ago when in fact he had dropped out months earlier.

Ryan had dropped out of university in the fall of 2015 and lost his job once his employer discovered he was a convicted robber who served a five-year prison sentence. Unable to tell Kristen the disappointing news, Ryan simply pretended he was working from home.

Brett Ryan, 36, went on a murderous rampage after suspecting that his mother, Susan Ryan, would reveal that he was lying to his would-be wife about his job, education and criminal past. After months of deceit, his mother Susan encouraged him to tell Baxter what was really happening and offered to help him until he was back on his feet.

He hid a crossbow in his mum's garage, leaving an iPad and iPhone at his house to try to create a digital footprint which would place him at a different location.

"Brett Ryan was anxious that if his fiancee discovered the web of lies, she'd call off the wedding", said McMahon. Police later say he never used this system.

Next to die was his oldest brother, 42-year-old Christopher, whom he shot in the neck with a crossbow that he'd put in his mother's garage days earlier, the CBC reports.

"In the days leading up to August 25, 2016, Brett's concerns led him to plan her death", said Emami.

Ryan stabbed and shot them with the crossbow arrows respectively.

He laid in wait for Christopher, shooting a bolt through the back of his head when he turned up.

Ryan dragged the two bodies to the garage, where he hid them under a tarp. When he did, he fatally stabbed him with a crossbow bolt. Though Ryan assaulted him, his third sibling escaped.

When police officers arrived, Ryan confessed. After being charged with the attack on Alexander, Ryan responded, "I should have driven him to the hospital". These sentences will run concurrently.

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