Animated film about a gay boy's crush is so cute it hurts

Bruno Cirelli
Agosto 1, 2017

And now, the production in its entirety is finally here.

In A Heartbeat follows a closeted red-headed teen named Sherwin whose heart literally pops out of his chest and chases after his classmate and crush, Jonathan.

Fair warning: You may need a tissue or two to watch this touching and delightful short film.

In a Heartbeat is an animated short film by Beth David and Esteban Bravo that shows sometimes you just have to give the heart what it wants!

My gay little heart definitely made for a bit of misty-eyed viewing towards the end of this sublimely made, touching queer love story, so I recommend having a tissue at the ready. And it was well worth it seeing as how the internet nearly instantly fell in love with, creating tons of fan art and buzz before it even was released.

"This film is not only a culmination of our four years of education and hard work at the college, but also an expression of a subject that has not been explored in computer animation", Esteban and Beth stated last year.

"Hopefully, it'll resonate with those who identify with this character - and for those who don't, we hope they'll gain an understanding for people who go through this experience".

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