SNP To Focus On Independence 'fundamentals' Rather Than Second Referendum Timetable

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 31, 2017

New Westminster leader Ian Blackford denied separation had been put on the back burner after the Nationalists lost 500,000 votes and 21 MPs, including Mr Blackford's predecessor Angus Robertson, in the general election.

Ian Blackford, the party's leader in Westminster, said postponing the second referendum has allowed them to rebuild the case for a United Kingdom breakaway.

Ian Blackford said the Nationalists' focus would switch over the "coming years" from discussing the timetable of a second vote to discussing "what an independent Scotland would look like."

Mr Blackford said rebuilding the case for independence must "promote fairness and equity" while pointing out "harmful" Conservative government policies. I want to see a fairer society in Scotland.

He told the Sunday Herald newspaper: "I think that what has happened as a outcome of Nicola's statement is that we've taken away the focus from the timetable now and I'm gratified that gives us the opportunity to actually talk about the fundamentals and to talk about what an independent Scotland would look like".

"Despite voters sending them a clear message this year that they are fed up with them obsessing over independence, the SNP just aren't lstening", the Tory MSP said.

Mr Blackford's rebooted campaign revolves around presenting independence as a left-wing alternative to Conservative austerity.

But Holyrood's opposition parties said his intervention showed the Nationalists would always put independence first and "destroys" Ms Sturgeon's claim she is focusing on her domestic responsibilities, such as education and the health service.

"But instead we have a narrow minded administration that will stop at nothing until they have torn Scotland out of the United Kingdom".

Scottish Labour's Jackie Baillie said: "There is nothing left-wing about the case for independence".

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