'Bachelorette' Star Rachel Lindsay Didn't Show up to Her Own Engagement Party

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 30, 2017

Bachelor alums Raven Gates, Astrid Loch, Danielle Lombard, Jasmine Goode, Sarah Vendal and Alexis Waters are now partying it up in Punta Cana at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and though their intention was to celebrate Rachel Lindsay's engagement, the Bachelorette star was MIA after missing her flight. She opted not to travel to the Dominican Republic for a weekend getaway with a few of her Bachelor Nation besties. News, that she didn't even make the flight!

Even though she competed with a handful of other women for Nick Viall's love on Season 21 of The Bachelor, the 32-year-old bonded with some of the ladies - including Raven Gates, Alexis Waters, Jasmine Goode, Danielle Lombard, Astrid Loch, and Sarah Vendal.

Apparently, a source told E! She somehow didn't make it on her flight yesterday.

"No one has any idea what's going on".

It's unclear why Rachel missed her flight, but at least fans who follow her on Instagram know she's okay. Online, "All of the girls went this weekend because Rachel's obviously engaged and this was going to be her fun getaway weekend to celebrate".

On Saturday, the engaged reality star reposted a mysterious photo from a friend's private account that seems to show Rachel having a night out with friends. "She was supposed to be there because it's her trip, but she didn't show up".

On the 7th of August, Rachel will decide which of the last three men she will choose to spend the rest of her life with. She's not the kind of person who would just leave her best girlfriends hanging or not show up for her flight.

In an unprecedented move, Rachel revealed that she was engaged to her Bachelorette victor before the season even started but of course, she chose to keep his identity a secret.

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