Trump replaces chief of staff Priebus with retired General Kelly

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 29, 2017

Editor's note: WARNING: This story contains graphic language. "With the approval of the Senate, the President must now replace Secretary Kelly with someone who is experienced, measured, and understands that homeland security is not a partisan issue", he continued. But there were no signs on Friday that he planned to step aside of his own volition.

On Thursday, Ryan had praised Priebus for doing "a fantastic job" as White House chief of staff.

In April of 2016, Priebus, who was then the Republican Party's national chairman, said he was not concerned about Trump's chaotic and offensive campaign, noting, "I'm not pouring Baileys in my cereal".

"Unnamed sources are something that's been problematic", he said.

That makes three Republican Party insiders now out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in just a week - Sean Spicer said he was leaving his post as press secretary after a tumultuous period that saw him ridiculed on comedy shows and then sidelined by the president, and assistant press secretary Michael Short resigned after hearing he would be fired.

The New York Times report and Guilfoyle's confirmation of at least being at the meal come as Priebus faces a barrage of criticism from senior White House figures, including a rant from Scaramucci to a New Yorker writer. The department said Friday in a statement that Kelly remains secretary until Monday, July 31. Scaramucci also flew aboard Air Force One with other top aides, including deputy national security adviser Dina Powell. "He's not the person who I thought I was voting for". Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Friday that Priebus' departure had nothing to do with Scaramucci. "I'm on Team Trump and I look forward to helping him achieve his goals and his agenda for the American people".

"He has served the president and the American people capably and passionately", House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said of his close friend.

Which brings us back to the fact that he's the White House communications director. Trump also did not defend Bannon. But the assimilation of the R.N.C. into the West Wing was fraught and Ms. Walsh and others departed. "He is a brilliant guy who only cares about the president's agenda".

An alliance of convenience with Stephen K. Bannon, the nationalist and decidedly anti-establishment chief strategist, seemed to fade in recent weeks. Chuck Grassley, warned on Twitter that his panel was too busy to take up consideration a new attorney general nominee. "It's bothering our folks and this is not NY", said Hayes, in a reference to the home state of Scaramucci and Trump, as well as Trump's daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner - both of whom are White House advisers.

On Wednesday, he announced a policy to ban transgender troops from the military. Reflecting on his choice to join the Marines, Kelly told a military newspaper: "In the America I grew up in, every male was a veteran; my dad, my uncle and all the people on the block".

Priebus' exit indicates the full decline in the White House of the RNC-led Washington contingent.

Nevertheless, following Trump's announcement of his nomination, he released a statement assuring the American people that as the head of DHS, he will approach his new role "with a seriousness of objective and a deep respect for our laws and Constitution". Democratic members of the House came out of one early meeting calling Kelly "dismissive" and expressing frustration. But it was Trump himself who called Sen.

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