Russian Foreign Ministry retaliates against strengthening of United States sanctions

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 28, 2017

In a statement on Friday, Russia's foreign ministry said: "The US is stubbornly taking one crudely anti-Russian step after another, using the utterly fictitious pretext of Russian interference in its internal affairs".

Russian Federation has retaliated to new USA sanctions by telling Washington to cut its diplomatic staff to 455 and barring the use of some properties. The statement also said that if the United States further reduced the number of Russian diplomatic staff now allowed in the U.S., Russia would mirror that action.

We live in turbulent times.

Before his inauguration, Donald Trump asked a security expert three times during a briefing, why the United States couldn't use nuclear weapons after he becomes president.

Relations between the two countries, already at a post-Cold War low, have deteriorated even further after United States intelligence agencies accused Russian Federation of trying to meddle in last year's U.S. presidential election, something Moscow flatly denies.

The Russian Foreign Ministry says the United States must reduce the size of its diplomatic staff in Russia and will no longer be able to use a U.S. Embassy dacha and storage warehouses in Moscow.

It warned it "reserves the right to carry out other measures that could affect the interests of the US".

It was not immediately clear how many American workers would have to leave, since who was included in the Russian count was not mentioned in the announcement.

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