Close To Three Dozen Caribbean Immigrants Nabbed By ICE In NYC Alone

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 28, 2017

Rep. James Lyons, an Andover Republican, said he is working with Republican Reps.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is rattling Charlotte's large population of undocumented immigrants by conducting a nationwide "surge operation" to pick up people living illegally in the country. We got to tell people it's not alright to violate the laws of this country. The SJC has in the past opened a trail with its rulings, perhaps most notably in its decision supporting gay marriage, and it is safe to say that its decision rendered Monday will be of keen interest to other states concerned about federal overreach on immigration.

"Going forward, nobody in MA should be held on an immigration detainer unless the Legislature were to attempt to change that", said Emma Winger, Immigration Impact Unit staff attorney for the Committee on Public Counsel Services, who argued the case before the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) in April. "They're going to top last year's for sure". "But if that county jail is located in a sanctuary city, they get released back to the streets". As it stands, the high court's decision sends a signal to illegal immigrants nationwide that MA welcomes those sought by federal officials for civil violations.

Matias said she believes the Supreme Judicial Court ruling has given momentum to the bill. "We now, as a Legislature must do the same". Democrats hold super-majorities in both chambers of the Massachusetts General Court and aren't likely to take up the Republican governor's bill anytime soon. Baker has said he doesn't oppose cities and towns that declare themselves sanctuaries, but the state shouldn't impose a blanket law.

Immigrant groups say Lyon's proposal would encourage local police to engage in racial profiling.

It's quite clear restaurants, the track and any else who hires these illegal immigrants do so knowing that they could and should be prosecuted for breaking the immigration laws in our country. Proud of what I said.

City governments have no intention of changing their immigration policies to comply with the Trump administration's standards. Reports of ICE and CBP officers portraying themselves as police officers in an effort to force or coerce cooperation from unwilling residents led to the introduction of AB 1440. "We don't have the authority to do it, and it breaks downs what should be good relations between the police and the immigrant community".

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