Stalker who sent letters harassing Sara Cox is jailed

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 26, 2017

A convicted paedophile who stalked BBC Radio 2 DJ Sara Cox by sending her disturbing letters and hoarded indecent images of children has been sentenced to 16 months in jail.

Anthony Collins, 50, has been jailed for 16 months after he pleaded guilty to harassment at Maidstone Crown Court.

Because of his early guilty plea he was sentenced to four months with 12 months consecutive for possessing and making indecent images of children. He declared he found her sexy.

'She was immediately much more scared and the matter was reported to the police the next day'.

Ms Cox, 42, received two letters on January 24, in which Collins wrote that he was lonely and living unhappily in a bedsit.

Ms Cox informed the BBC of the envelope and its contents.

In the letters he spoke of being lonely and his "extensive criminal record", adding he was psychologically disturbed and schizophrenic.

"What would you do if you lost your health?" he asked.

In the letter, which had writing on both sides, Collins wrote: "My name is Tony Collins, I am tall and have green eyes". I know you are married to Ben Cyzer and he is a successful man. I apologise for writing to your home address. Don't feel sad for me.

Mrs Jacobson added: "He said 'Sara I like dogs and horses and referred to her dog by name and to horses being psychic and feel our feelings'". "They know our feelings". I got it for £17 the internet'.

He has also been hit with a restraining order that bans him from contacting Cox or her immediate family. Sara you are a lovely human being, sexy, attractive and an all round fantastic human being'.

He gave her date of birth, declaring: "I have done my research online".

"It clearly caused her concern", said Miss Jacobson.

He also sent Cyzer a letter which included a picture of Cox holding a child, and a diagram with the words "Cancer Analysis", according to the BBC. The envelope contained a photo of Ms Cox carrying a baby.

Ms Cox reportedly went to the BBC about the harassment after the first letter was sent to her husband's place of employment on February 7.

Collins admitted his behaviour amounted to harassment. Ian Dear, defending, explained: "He basically says "I want to be on the news".

Collins has eight convictions for 13 different offences dating back to 1991.

He had also befriended two girls, aged 15, who visited his home to drink and smoke.

On one occasion he followed a nine-year-old girl from school to her home and left her a note with his mobile phone number and address on it.

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