OnePlus explains what caused the '911 reboot' issue on its 5 flagship

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 26, 2017

This isn't the sort of bug we ever want to see make it into any phone, but it's great to see OnePlus - with the help of the users who first spotted it - fix the issue in just a few days and help out the people who may call emergency services on their OnePlus 5 in the future.

OnePlus 5 owners were reporting that, upon calling emergency numbers such as 911 or 999, the phone would simply reboot. The process of obtaining and sending OTDOA data caused a memory issue in the modem that eventually caused the reboot.

Everyone can surely agree that the issue that caused some OnePlus 5 devices to reboot when dialing 911 was a serious one, albeit one that was addressed by a recent software update. The issue triggered due to the OTDOA protocol, which is a method that shares the location of the device with the emergency operators.

According to OnePlus 5, the issue cropped up when users tried calling emergency numbers through Voice over LTE (VoLTE) which triggered OTDOA (Observed Time Difference of Arrival) protocol. Consequently, the OnePlus team has posted an important message addressing its fans and OnePlus 5 owners about the details of the fix. It only works when the emergency number is compatible with this system.

OnePlus worked directly with Qualcomm to fix the issue since it was related to the modem (which Qualcomm provides). Users in the United Kingdom also faced the same issue while dialling the 999 emergency services.

"To clarify, this occurred only on some OnePlus 5 devices, in random instances under the circumstances described above. Starting last Friday, we rolled out a software update that resolved this issue".

Users should receive a notification if the OxygenOS 4.5.6 update is available for their OnePlus 5 units. Qualcomm is the provider of the OnePlus 5's modem and is mostly known for its Snapdragon processors, which the OP5 is also using. Users on Reddit suggest that these ads can easily be blocked from the Push app that's included with Oxygen OS.

The size of the new software patch is 32MB and comes with the description: Fixed reboot caused by dialling 911 on certain OnePlus 5 units.

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