Google Assistant On Chromebook May Arrive Soon

Geronimo Vena
Luglio 26, 2017

For the unawares, Google Assistant is now used on Android and Google Home devices.

ChromeUnboxed discovered that Google has recently been working in the background on deprecating Chrome OS' current setup process for "OK Google" hotword support.

Sadly, Chromebook users may no longer be able to start a verbal Google Search using "OK, Google" prompt, a new report suggests.

However, as reported by Chrome Unboxed, it seems that this move is part of a larger chain of events: Google may be bringing its Assistant to Chrome OS, most likely with its own hotword detection, along with a keyboard shortcut (Search + A) as mentioned in another commit earlier this month. It will add a small notice in the settings to let users know that this feature is no longer available. A rumoured upcoming "Chromebook Eve" model is said to include a dedicated Assistant key to fill this role.

It appears Chromebooks are pumping the brakes on the built-in "OK Google" voice search command to make room for Google Assistant.

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