Arrested Man Eats, Spits His Own Feces At Richmond Police

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 26, 2017

When officers realized he was throwing clothes out of the auto, "they also realized he had just defecated, started to eat his feces and spat feces at the officers", police said.

According to KRON 4, Richmond police received a report that contained the location of a wanted suspect.

- A man taken into custody on an arrest warrant in Northern California ate and spit his own feces at officers from the back of a patrol auto, police said.

"Officers placed the suspect in the backseat of the police vehicle and drove onto I-80 eastbound", police said.

When the suspect was taken into custody for the warrant and false impersonation, police say they also learned he was on parole, and chose to transfer him to county jail after he became "uncooperative" and "combative".

"Well, there was an arrest warrant for the person with the name he provided".

Police placed the suspect into the back of a patrol auto and began driving eastbound on Interstate 80, at which point the suspect slipped his cuffs, undressed in the backseat, and tossed his clothes out onto the freeway, according to officials. The suspect proceeded to spit the feces at the officers.

Presumably covered in poop, the officers pulled over, called for back-up, and constrained the suspect in a "compliance safety device". As a result, the decision was made to drive the suspect to county jail in Martinez.

He was taken into custody for the warrant and false impersonation. He was then taken to county jail.

'The department is relieved that there were no injuries sustained in this incident and the involved officers were cleared of any biohazards, ' the department said on Facebook.

"We are proud of the officers' professionalism, composure and patience in this incident", the post read. "We appreciate the partnership we have with the CHP and their continued efforts to help keep everyone safe on the freeways".

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