Facebook acquires Source3 to combat video piracy

Geronimo Vena
Luglio 25, 2017

Source3 was founded in NY in 2014 originally as a 3D printing rights management company.

Most likely Facebook will want to use Source3's technology to augment its Rights Manager software, which was launched a year ago. Having previously made it possible for content owners to make money from pirated versions of their videos via ads, now the focus seems to be switching more to preventing piracy in the first place. As a start-up company, Source3 was founded in 2014 and has reportedly raised nearly four million dollars in venture capital funding.

Facebook's rationale behind the move is clear having grappled with a succession of issues pertaining to pirated content over the past year since the unveil of its "Rights Manager" technology created to detect and remove video clips shared by members who do not have permission to do so. The company would ultimately like to be home to lots of professionally produced video, which is why it's paying publishers and movie studios to make videos exclusively for the social network. Video creators won't want to keep giving Facebook their videos if people can easily steal them and profit off them.

The employees who join Facebook from Source3 will work out of the company's NY office, though it's unknown how many workers that will be. According to the report, the employees who join Facebook from Source3 would work out of the company's NY office.

Prior to the acquisition of Source3, Facebook tried to fight piracy by introducing software called Rights Manager. It has already taken down its website and Twitter account. Co-founders Patrick F. Sullivan, Benjamin Cockerham and Scott Sellwood previously sold their music rights management platform RightsFlow to Google.

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