'The Originals' Team Talks Final Season, Candice King Cameo

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 24, 2017

Days after announcing that The Originals' upcoming fifth season would be its last - and that Candice King will appear in the premiere - the cast headed to Comic-Con to talk about what else fans can expect when the Mikaelsons return.

It's clear the show has a huge fan base and the sizzle reel at the beginning of the panel was a good reminder of all of the unbelievable experiences the characters have had over the past four years - with a few sneak peeks at what's to come!

While there are no further details about her long-awaited appearance, it is speculated that King's scenes will take place at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, where Klaus and Hayley Marshall's (Phoebe Tonkin) daughter, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), is studying.

Plec remembered the time an unnamed actor from The Vampire Diaries asked, before the spinoff was created, why the Originals were getting so much screen time.

The show's star, Joseph Morgan (Klaus), took to Twitter to announce the news and thank fans for their support. Because the character has known Klaus the longest, "she has a perspective for him and the way that he's living his life right now". "There's always been. a feeling of something unresolved there".

Everyone's favorite Season 4 couple was Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Keelin (Christina Moses), even though their relationship was fraught with difficulties and drama. It appears there will be an eight-year-time jump which would make Klaus' progeny a moody 16-year-old witch/vampire/werewolf hybrid. "I intend to fight for always and forever, even if it destroys me", she says.

How it will all end remains a mystery, but Plec does want all of her characters to find peace, but that doesn't necessarily mean a happy ending.

Plec also stated that she would love to have many guest appearances in season 5, particularly Alaric (Matthew Davis).

Joseph Morgan will direct episode 3 which will focus heavily on Elijah.

"I think there are future shows down the line that can be spawned out of this world and could tell good stories". His contentment comes from protecting New Orleans. Are you eager to see a teenaged Hope?

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