Male stars earn more than female talent — BBC pay

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 24, 2017

"We've set a clear target for 2020: We want all our lead and presenting roles to be equally divided between men and women", he added. Most importantly, they're doing a major solid by using their status to stick up for other women in the company, who might well be affected by similar pay gaps but just aren't as visible.

In addition to insisting the gender pay gap for high-earning on-air talent must be addressed, the letter also suggests that thousands of behind-the-scenes staff have their pay reviewed.

A BBC spokesperson said that significant progress had been made on the gender pay gap in recent years, but acknowledged that more "needs to be done".

She asked Hall how he planned on remedying the gender pay gap situation, which he responded to by talking about how he wanted to fix the balance of men and women who host shows - essentially evading Husain's question.

It was a day later that the previous year, showing a 0.2 per cent decrease in the gap in salaries between full-timeemployed men and women, showing the sluggish rate at which the gap is closing.

Asked if he would back the letter, he said: "I would sign the letter with them. We all want to go on the record to call upon you to act now".

He added: "But if I had been born Audrey Marr rather than Andrew Marr, I would have been out 10 years ago".

Politicians including Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader, and Justine Greening, the education secretary, expressed shock yesterday at the disparities and echoed the letter's demands.

In a statement, the BBC's Director-General Lord Hall defended the organisation as "more diverse than the broadcasting industry and the civil service" but admitted that "there is more to do".

As I said this week we have taken some significant steps forward but we do need to go further and faster.

The highest paid woman at the BBC is Claudia Winkleman, the host of Strictly Come Dancing.

"The pay details released in the Annual report showed what many of us have suspected for many years. that women at the BBC are being paid less than men for the same work". Additionally, Jones' salary pales in comparison to the network's second-highest-paid male presenter. Two-thirds of the top-paid employees named on the list were male and white.

Of course, the body is also under pressure to keep its talent and avoiding losing it to rivals like ITV, Sky, Netflix and other channels which famously offer much higher salaries than the publicly-funded BBC.

CMI director of strategy Petra Wilton welcomed the BBC's decision to openly disclose their existing gender pay gap, and said that the public reaction provides extra incentive for other British firms to re-evaluate their remuneration policies.

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